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Poster Pack

Poster Pack

Who doesn't love a poster?


Our poster pack includes 10x A4 professionally printed posters, designed by us!
Some posters are created for staff, ideal for pinning up in your office/staff room, and others are designed to be displayed around the school.
All of our posters are child-friendly, so no worries about young eyes reading them!


What's included?

  • Basic Safeguarding Procedure
  • Sharing Your Concerns
  • No Photography/Videography
  • If In Doubt, Shout
  • Can I Move Your Leg? A message about safe touch and consent
  • Chaperones and Performers Only Beyond This Point
  • Managing Disclosure
  • Respond, Record, Report
  • Tell, Explain Describe. Information on questions to use during a disclosure
  • If You Are Worried, You Can Talk To...


Do you want us to make up a set with your school logo/branding?
Send us an email to see what we can do! 


    Dance School Safeguarding Services is here to support and advise you. We want you to have a safe and successful business and can offer training, support and consultation across a range of safeguarding and health and safety issues to help you develop best practice in your school. We believe in education and empowerment and want to give you the skills to make the best decisions for your business, but that is all we do; we guide and advise, we cannot take responsibility for your business or your decisions.


    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please email us with full details at

£7.50 Regular Price
£3.00Sale Price
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