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Expert Training for Performing Arts Professionals

Dance School Safeguarding Services was created to empower dance teachers by providing high quality safeguarding training tailored to those teaching in the performing arts industry. Our ambition is to make the performing arts world a safer place through education, support, and guidance for teachers.

We work with anyone in the performing arts industry including dance and drama teachers, acrobatics coaches, freelance teachers, private dance schools and colleges, studio owners and dance associations.

Good safeguarding practice is the cornerstone of building a thriving, healthy, confident school where everyone is able to reach their full potential.

At Dance School Safeguarding Services we provide high quality safeguarding training tailored to those teaching in the performing arts industry.


Your Trainer

Victoria Race
FIDTA, BA Hons Dance, PGCE, M.Ed dip. Dance RAD.

Victoria has worked in education, the emergency services and social care, spending the last 15 years of her career as a Specialist Safeguarding and Social Care Trainer for her Local Authority.

She has worked for the Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, training social workers, police officers, teachers, nursery staff and charity workers.

She specialises in both child and adult safeguarding at all levels, and in her previous role, trained over 4000 people per year.

In addition, she has delivered high level professional training to social workers on attachment theory, child development, social care assessment, information sharing and data protection, inclusion and anti-oppressive practice, supervisory management, and safeguarding enquiry.

Victoria currently works as a Specialist Safeguarding Consultant to the dance industry.

Recent work has included training, consultation, mentoring and policy work for the International Dance Teachers Association, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, BBODance, the Sport and Recreation Alliance and Shobana Jeyasingh Dance.

Victoria manages Dance School Safeguarding Services and is proud to have provided training and support for over 400 independent dance schools across the UK.

As a qualified dance teacher and dance school owner, Victoria understands both good safeguarding practice and the world of dance, and works to bring the two together to improve the quality of safeguarding across our profession.

Information Sharing

At Dance School Safeguarding Services we recognise the importance of discretion and confidentiality and will ensure that all personal data is held securely and only shared with those who have a need and a right to know. 

We will comply with all relevant data protection legislation and guidance including the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

It is important to understand that we are a safeguarding organisation and as such we can never promise that we will not share information. Safeguarding relies on information being shared with appropriate services to put safeguarding measures in place. 
We only share information with those who need it or who are in a position to provide help and support. Wherever possible this is done with permission to share information. 

When we are acting on behalf of a dance organisation or association it should be assumed that all aspects of our work will be discussed and records shared with that organisation. 

I recently did a child safeguarding course and learnt so much valuable information. Thank you for making everything clear and enjoyable to learn.


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