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2024 Public Training Dates

Expert Safeguarding Training for Performing Arts Professionals

All sessions are delivered online via Zoom.
You will have access to resources to keep, and time to ask any questions you may have.
Training is live and will not be recorded due to the nature of our discussions.

Booking is open now.

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Resilience & Wellbeing

3rd July
Further dates TBA


A 2-hour live training session on resilience and wellbeing PLUS digital resources to keep!

What you'll receive when you book:

  • Access to a live training session on resilience and wellbeing (Zoom)

  • Resilience and wellbeing digital booklet (PDF)

  • Pre-recorded video on children's mental health and wellbeing (MP4)

What is it?
Resilience is not about coping. Sometimes all we can do is cope and where this is the case, people should be acknowledged and praised, but resilience is something more.​Resilience is often referred to as your ability to bounce back, to recover, to “pick yourself up, dust your self off and start all over again!”
Wellbeing is considered to be a state on feeling comfortable, healthy or happy. When we build resilience and reframe our responses to challenging situations, our overall wellbeing can improve.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

3rd July
Further dates TBA

10:00 - 12:00


What to include in your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy.
Responsibilities of the studio owner.
Practical, proactive tips for teachers.

Equality & protected characteristics.

Policy Writing & Risk Assessment

Included in the 'Extras Package' training on 7th November
Further dates TBA

We will cover the following documents:

  • Child safeguarding

  • Adult safeguarding

  • Health and safety

  • Risk assessment

  • Equality, diversity & inclusion

Everyone who books will also receive our 60-page guide to policy writing and a risk assessment template so you have something to look back on.

Children's Activity Providers

Friday 22nd March

Further dates TBA



Out Of School Settings covers any classes that are not part of the regular school day, taught by the regular school teachers.

This includes:

  • External before/after school clubs

  • External lunchtime clubs

  • Private dance/drama schools

  • Private sports clubs

  • Baby/parent classes

  • Extracurricular tutoring

  • Going into schools to teach as an external hire

  • Plus lots more!

Our Safeguarding in Out Of School Settings training is designed for anyone who teaches children, whether you teach judo, Spanish, cooking, BSL, baby yoga, or any of the other brilliant things you do!

Studio Owners' Guide To Managing Safeguarding

6th September
Further dates TBA

10:00 - 14:00


This course is ideal for studio owners and dance school principals.

You will discover the proactive steps you can take to manage safeguarding in your school. You'll learn how you can help prepare your staff members, and what you can do to promote a happy, healthy, and safe environment.

  • Managing safeguarding

  • Safer recruitment

  • Staff training

  • BOPA & performance paperwork

Safeguarding for Student Helpers

24th March *SOLD OUT
10th May *SOLD OUT
28th June 4.30pm *SOLD OUT
6th September 4.30pm

9th October 7.30pm
5th December 7.30pm


A one-hour safeguarding session suitable for student helpers/teaching assistants.
Session content will be tailored to ages 14-17, focussing on what to do in the event of a disclosure.

Safeguarding for Dance Professionals

Monday 1st July 10am-2pm
Wednesday 31st July & Thursday 1st August 7-8.30pm over 2 nights

Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd August 7-8.30pm over 2 nights
Wednesday 4th September 10am-2pm
Saturday 19th October 2.30-6.30pm
Tuesday 5th November 10am-2pm
Sunday 10th November 10am-2pm


Our safeguarding course is designed for anyone working with children, adults, or both.

You'll learn to recognise the types of harm a person may encounter (4 for children, and 10 for adults), what your safeguarding responsibilities are, and how to respond to concerns.
This training is equivalent to 'level 2 safeguarding'.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tuesday 2nd July 10am-2pm

Sunday 28th July 10am-2pm
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th August 7-8.30pm over 2 nights
Thursday 5th September 10am-2pm
Wednesday 6th November 10am-2pm

Saturday 9th November 2.30-6.30pm


If you're the DSL, school principal, or a freelance teacher working solo, this is the course you need!

Those taking the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead are required to undertake in-depth training further to their regular adult/child training.

This training is equivalent to 'level 3 safeguarding'.

To take this course you must have completed safeguarding training within the last 2 years.

Booking open NOW!

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