Good safeguarding practice is a mark of quality that your organisation can not afford to be without. Specialists in safeguarding and dedicated to the world of dance, Dance School Safeguarding Services provides unique packages which are specific to performing arts. Talk to a safeguarding expert who understands the needs of your school.

Please remember if you have a safeguarding concern about a child you must contact social care in your area immediately. For anything else contact us here.

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Victoria Race.

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Dance School Safeguarding Services is here to support and advise you. We want you to have a safe and successful business and can offer training, support and consultation across a range of safeguarding and health and safety issues to help you develop best practice in your school. We believe in education and empowerment and want to give you the skills to make the best decisions for your business, but that is all we do; we guide and advise, we can not take responsibility for your business or your decisions.

Proud to be the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the IDTA